Linphos Chemical inc. Phosphoric Acid

Linphos Chemical Inc. phosphoric acid

Linphos Chemical Inc. is a company primarily supplying high purity (low arsenic) of imported Phosphoric Acid and Polyphosphoric Acid to consumers in the US....Read More

The three distribution locations: Rincon (GA), Houston (TX), and Bakersfield (CA), were selected near the ports and major transportations...Read More

Our popular products include: Phosphoric Acid (NSF Certificate) 75%-86%;  Polyphosphoric Acid 95%,105% and 115%. Available packages include: bulk, IBC totes, 330kg drums and railcars...Read More

We stay focus, we aim high, and we here to guarantee:

  • High Quality of Every Product

  • Stable Supplies for Every Location

  • Earnest Service to Every Customer


---Linphos Chemical, Inc.