Bakersfield, CA

Linphos Chemical Inc. is a chemical distribution company primarily supplying high purity of imported Phosphoric Acid and Polyphosphoric Acid to consumers in the US and Canada. LinPhos Chemical Inc. (Rincon) was established in March 2009. It was registered at Atlanta, Georgia. It is located in an area of 2.49 acres at Effingham County Industrial Park, Rincon, GA, within 17 miles of Savannah, one of the major ports in the southeast of the US. The other two warehouses are located in Houston, which is 3.5 mile from the port of Houston; and Bakersfield, CA. 

Our main products include high purity (low arsenic) phosphoric acid 75%-86, polyphosphoric acid 95%-125%, and 100% water soluble MAP and DAP. Not only offering competitive pricing, we are also able to adjust specifications based on customer's needs. Full product list is under the "Product" page. Along with our products, we provide good service to all our valuable customers. 

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Linphos Chemical inc. Phosphoric Acid